Not a Still Life:
Watercolors by Donna Beveridge

Colorful reflections of an active life: painting my journey with dementia

    I do not view my life as a still life.  Intending to live fully, I paint. Painting is, for me, a best living practice.

    Devastated and wondering what to do with my life after learning that I had probable Early-Stage Alzheimer’s, I enrolled in my first ever painting class. With the encouragement of artist and teacher, Judith Kinsman, I discovered a passion for watercolors and the courage to paint my journey with dementia.

    I used to write; I loved words. Now I paint. I find that I can go deeper with images than words. Through my paintings I tell stories, explore emotions, ground myself in my life, honor the truths of who I am. In the process I acknowledge inevitable losses, but also discover gifts.

    When I feel fragile, I paint life inside bubbles. When I get anxious or lose my focus, I paint turtles living mindfully. When I lose my sense of self, I paint reflections. When I struggle, I paint the tangled neuron forest. When I feel joy I paint my partner and my dog. I paint only what has personal meaning for me.

Unconditional Love

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